Wreck Diving

The seabed off North Carolina’s Outer Banks is the final resting place for thousands of vessels that have become victims of the forces of war, pirates and the wrath of the ocean. Frequently called “The Graveyard of the Atlantic”, the area off the Crystal Coast has one of the highest densities of shipwrecks in the world, and is one of America’s most important maritime historical areas. The history of these shipwrecks range from America’s colonial days to the present. Rumors abound of Spanish Galleons laden with gold and silver that are yet to be discovered. The wreck of the Queen Anne’s Revenge, the vessel that Blackbeard used during his reign of terror lies, on the sandy bottom just outside of Beaufort inlet.

Hurricanes, wicked winter storms, dangerous shoals, maritime accidents and casualties of both world wars have contributed to this wreck diver’s paradise. Within a couple hours boat ride, Tortuga can reach over 25 separate and distinct wreck sites, ranging from just off the beach to the edge of the gulf stream.

Every year thousands of divers come to North Carolina to scuba dive the wrecks. But most have little input on the site being visited that day. Tortuga Dive Charters offers custom trips, where your group books Tortuga. Because you are buying the entire boat for the day, you get to choose the sites for the day. If you are not sure where you would like to go, you can leave it undecided until the day of the dive and the Captain and crew will help your group figure out the best site, depending on your criteria, skill and experience level, and the prevailing weather and water conditions. We also offer “Open Seating” days where individuals can join others and the Captain will decide on the sites.

Diving off the coast of North Carolina is incredibly rewarding, but it can be challenging. A minimum level of training and experience, coupled with a degree of physical fitness is required to be safe.

We require the following certifications and experience to scuba dive on Tortuga:

Inshore- 30′-60′ Open Water and 20 logged dives, at least 2 dives from a boat in the ocean

Offshore 90-120′ Advanced Open Water/Deep Dive specialty with at least 30 logged dives and 4 at depths in excess of 100′ EANx certification is highly encouraged.

For the deeper dives we highly recommend large capacity tanks of at least 100cf and require the use of a dive computer and/or tables with a reliable timing device. We are a recreational dive operation and require the practice of buddy diving, as well as diving within the No Decompression Limits. Our customer safety is our #1 concern, but your safety while diving is 100% your responsibility.