The Captain

Capt. James RedmondCaptain James Rosemond has been running boats his entire life. Tortuga Charters is the manifestation of a lifelong dream, to make a living on the water and bring his love of the sea to his customers. After 25 years of Sales and Business Management, James decided to turn his skills towards an endeavor that incorporated his lifelong passion, being on the ocean.

James is a licensed United States Coast Guard Captain with 100 Ton Masters credentials and a certified PADI Dive Master with thousands of open ocean dives. Captain James is uniquely qualified to deliver his customers to and from the dive site or fishing grounds safely with the utmost enjoyment. The Captain is always willing to share his love of the ocean, and specifically the North Carolina coast with his rich and plentiful stories. Tortuga is an open vessel, so feel free to engage the Captain in conversation. James has always drawn upon his love of storytelling to communicate with others.

While Captain James is always at the helm and the Master of the vessel, he is accompanied by a First Mate and 2nd Captain, holding USCG Credentials. This ensures you will have two experienced Captains for the day. Our crew members are consistent among a small group, but can vary from day to day. All are highly experienced divers and able to assist our passengers with a variety of concerns. At each site, the mate “rides” the anchor to the wreck and secures it with a safety chain, insuring the anchor line is there when you finish your dive and begin your ascent. The all work for the love of diving and not the money. However gratuities for a job well done are expected, much like your server at a restaurant. The standard tip is $20 per diver. Anything less than that makes us wonder if we did something wrong. Don’t be shy about rewarding your mate for exceptional service and offer more than the standard gratuity. Captain James does not accept or split gratuities, they all go to the 1st mate.