WeatherIt is no secret that we use as much data as we can to decide what the weather and sea conditions will be. Your safety and comfort are our number one concern. It is important to take all data and forecasts into consideration and not rely solely on one piece of data such as wind speed or wave height predictions to make a decision to run or stay in port.

Here are some links we use. The only thing we cannot share is an eyeball to the sky and a wet finger in the wind. Sometimes local personal observation is the best indicator of all. You will have to trust the Captain on that one.

Onslow Bay Buoy that gives real time wind speed, wave height and interval. It also gives air and water surface temperatures. It is 20 miles off the beach to the SW of Beaufort inlet. Basically, it is about 10 miles past the Indra.

Here is the landlubber’s forecast. Enough said there… you can decide on the SPF for your sunscreen while you sit on the beach and wait for the wind to stop blowing so you can go diving.

Local up to the minute radar. Helps you decide whether to bring a rain coat.

RipCharts is a paid subscription that provides satellite imagery of water temperature, chlorophyll, altimetry and true water color. Once we have decided that the weather will allow us to venture out to sea, this information helps decide where to go look for clean, warm water to give our customers the best chance of a great dive!!