We have two distinct ways you can charter Tortuga for diving the Crystal Coast:

Individuals or groups can charter the entire boat with a maximum of six divers. This allows you to control the number of people on the boat, have total say in the dive sites we visit as well as time of departure. Groups are asked to pay for the charter with one check or credit card charge.

Individual seats can be purchased on days designated on our charter calendar as “Open Seating”. Generally these scheduled days are weekends and holidays. They generally fill up quickly, and we always run even when we have less than six divers. If you book a seat on one of these designated dates, you are guaranteed we will run weather permitting.

On days that are empty on the calendar, an open seating charter can be started when two people signed up with a confirmed reservation. We need a minimum of 4 divers to leave the dock, but most likely the boat will be full.

Open Seating charters leave the dock at 7am and return around 3pm. Sites are chosen by the Captain, but we always try to fill the desires of the divers on board.

Gratuities: Our crew members work hard to make your experience a successful one. We compensate them with free diving and the opportunity to earn tips. Like you would reward your waiter for good service at a restaurant, a good gratuity is 15-20% of the charter fee. More than that is very generous, any less makes us think we did something wrong. If you were dissatisfied with any part of our service, please let the Captain know. We promise a minimum gratuity of 15%, so if it is less than that it comes out of the Captain’s pocket.

TripLength of Time# of TanksSingle SeatEntire Boat
1.) Half Day Inshore single dive site5 hours2 tanks$95$525
2.) Regular Day Inshore multiple sites8 hours2-3 tanks$150$750
3.) Regular Day Offshore8 hours2 tanks$150$875
4.) Long Day Offshore10-12 hours2/3 tanks$185$1075


  1. Half day inshore trips are usually 2 dives with a short surface interval and generally an hour run the dive site and one hour back. Half day inshore trips will usually be afternoon trips leaving the dock at 3:30.
  2. Regular Day inshore is less boat riding and more diving. The sites are 55-70 deep and less than 20 miles from the inlet, so you get less boat riding, more bottom time and less surface interval. We also burn much less fuel than the offshore trips. We recommend EANx of 36% for these trips. Trip departs at 7:00 am and returns to the dock at 2:00 pm.
  3. Regular day offshore trips are for dive sites within 35 miles of the inlet, and include two NDL dives and a 2 hour surface interval. No decompression diving is allowed. Departure time for Regular day is usually 7 am and returns to the dock at 3:00 pm. Upon customer request, we can depart earlier and steam to the dive sight in the dark for a dawn dive.
  4. Long Day offshore trips can either be 3 tanks on the sites normally visited in the regular day, or to the distant sites on the east side of Cape Lookout shoals or Southwest toward Frying Pan Shoals for two tanks. You have us for the whole day, you decide if you want to leave early or return late
  5. Totally Custom Dive day, including deco dives……Call the Captain, let’s talk about it!

View our Charter Calendar for available dates and times.


To charter the entire boat, a deposit is required within 10 business days after making the reservation to hold the date. One day charter fee will hold up to two consecutive days. For three to five consecutive days, two days charter fee is required to hold the block of dates. For single seat reservations, a 100% deposit of one day is required to hold from one to three consecutive days.

The remainder of the Charter Fee is due at the dock. Checks, cash or credit cards can be accepted at the dock in the morning. 100% refund of the deposit will be given for cancellations made 30 days prior to the charter. Deposits are not refundable inside 30 days, unless the trip is cancelled by the Captain for weather, safety or mechanical issues. In the case of a cancellation by the Captain, 100% refund will be made. Parties will be billed the full price of the charter for cancellations inside 30 days.

  • The only thing more important to us than taking people diving, is returning our divers to the dock unharmed. When it is necessary to call a trip off due to weather or mechanical difficulties, Tortuga Charters will make every attempt to do so with enough advance notice so that our customers can change travel plans.
  • We reserve the right to decline a charter based on the level of risk for safety concerns, due to weather, dive profiles, desired dive or fishing sites. We offer 100% refund of the charter fee should we make that decision. The Captain has the exclusive authority to decide if a trip will run, or if an alternative dive site needs to be chosen based on current conditions, the NOAA short term forecast, local knowledge and past experience.
  • The final call will be made the morning of the charter at the dock. If at any time during a trip the Captain decides to abort the trip in progress, and turn around to return to port, a full 100% refund is given.
  • The Captain reserves the right to offer customers a full refund at the dock, or the opportunity to leave the dock and “take a look” at sea conditions. Once at sea, if the decision is made to abort the trip and return to the dock, a service fee of $100 plus actual cost of fuel burned will be levied.
  • If the Captain deems that the weather and other conditions are appropriate for the trip to run, but the customers either do not show at the dock, or decide they do not want to make the trip, the 50% deposit will be retained by Tortuga Adventures, LLC and will not be refunded. The remainder of the charter fee is due. There will be no fuel fee.
  • When a trip runs, and any member of the group does not show, the remaining members of the group will be responsible for the remainder of the charter cost, including fuel costs.