Dive with Sharks

Sand SharkNorth Carolina is world famous for our population of Sand Tiger sharks and divers come from all corners of the world to dive with them. Unlike shark dives in other locations where the sharks are attracted by handlers and often fed, off the coast of North Carolina, divers can observe their natural behavior. They are docile and appear almost lethargic as they cruise around the wrecks, unaffected by the presence of divers.

Sand tiger sharks live in the waters of North Carolina, Australia, South Africa, China, Japan and India. In America, we consider them harmless and non-aggressive but in other countries they consider them very dangerous. The sand tiger shark has three rows of teeth which they shed within two weeks. Sand tiger sharks eat all types of fish, squid, small sharks, rays, marine mammals and anything else they can find.

If your interest is diving with sharks, let us know. The Captain always knows where they are.